Our boutique studio in The Hague now offers Aspire face sessions, facial and body therapy which compliment our signature Pilates training. Try the authentic Kobido experience for yourself!

GOOD BYE TENSION unleash the power

Experience pure relaxation with Good Bye Tension, a deeply restorative session inspired by Florence Laval® and her signature Body Release. Unleash the power of vital energy “ki” flow through a perfect blend of active breathing, fascial release, and acupressure point stimulation. This session combines precise energetic movements and gentle release strokes tailored to your body’s specific needs.

The journey begins with invigorating active breath and stretching, followed by oil massage that targets energy meridians and releases trigger points along the spine, upper body, low back, and arms. You will emerge feeling completely relaxed, re-energized, and profoundly connected with your body.

Treat yourself to this transformative experience and say hello to a more balanced and harmonious you.

Price: €90 | Session: 60 minutes

DRAIN. DETOX. DEFINE. your 3-D transformation

Discover the secret to a radiant and revitalized complexion with this gentle facial massage, expertly designed to activate lymph drainage and flush away fluid buildup. Feel the rejuvenating benefits as your circulation improves, lymphatic flow is stimulated, and toxins are pushed out of your system, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

At the heart of this transformative treatment lies the specific technique of lymph stimulation and the power of rose quartz tools. These together work their magic, draining, smoothing, and defining areas of your face and neck, unveiling an instant glow that will leave you absolutely radiant.

Say goodbye to excess water retention and hello to a more defined, sculpted jawline, opened sinuses and bright, sparkly eyes.

Treat yourself to this enchanting experience, and unleash the captivating radiance that lies within you. Let the transformation begin!

Price: €125 | Session: 60 minutes

The Hague facial therapy studio

SCULPT. LIFT. GLOW. a remarkable face fitness session

Indulge in this “tour de force” face and décolleté massage that targets every one of the 40+ muscles in your face. This deeply energizing treatment works wonders by stimulating blood circulation, igniting cellular turnover, and boosting collagen and elastin production, all while melting away tension and tightness, leaving you free from pain.

Prepare to be amazed by the immediate results: a relaxed, tension-free face, reduced puffiness, and skin that feels noticeably firmer with an enchanting radiant glow. The art of sculpting facial muscles brings forth a wealth of benefits, as improved circulation floods your face and neck with oxygen, promoting collagen production for nourished, healthy skin.

Price: €125 | Session: 60 minutes

THE ULTIMATE FACE LIFT – authentic Kobido

Immerse yourself in an authentic Kobido session, a revered ancient Japanese beauty ritual that harmonizes both body and mind, restoring and toning your facial muscles, unveiling a luminous complexion, and fostering a deep sense of relaxation.

Origins and Philosophy of Kobido:
Kobido, an art form with roots dating back to the 15th century, holds a profound connection to traditional Japanese culture. Revered as a treasured secret among noble families, it was initially reserved for empresses and geishas who sought to maintain their timeless beauty and inner balance. The name “Kobido” itself reflects its essence – “Kobi” meaning ancient, and “Do” representing the way or path. This sacred technique embodies a philosophy of reverence for nature, the body, and the mind, harmonizing all three to achieve true beauty and tranquility.

The Session:
As you embark on The Ultimate Face Lift, prepare to be transported to a world of blissful serenity.

The artistry of Kobido is showcased through a delicate and precise dance of hands, each movement an expression of centuries of refinement. Using a combination of gentle, rhythmic strokes and specialized techniques, the therapist will work their magic on your facial muscles, releasing tension and stimulating circulation, promoting the flow of vital energy throughout your entire being.

You’ll feel an almost meditative state take hold as the skilled hands perform a symphony of motions, promoting a deep sense of relaxation far beyond the physical realm. You may even experience subtle tingling sensations as the Kobido technique awakens dormant energy points, unlocking your inner vitality.

Through this ancient and profound art, you will witness the restoration and toning of your facial muscles, leaving your skin visibly rejuvenated and your complexion radiant. The Ultimate Face Lift transcends mere surface beauty, as it fosters a sense of balance and harmony within, resulting in a truly glowing and serene complexion.

Step out of the studio feeling revitalized, with an effervescence that emanates from a place of deep tranquility and inner peace.

Price: €155 | Session: 90 minutes

Aspire Face - Kobido facial therapy session The Hague Netherlands

About your Facialist…

Aspire Face - The Hague facialist Lucy Bosscher

As a linguist, my love for words is undeniable. When I first heard “Ko-bi-do,” its allure intrigued me deeply. The idea of a Japanese beauty ritual dating back to the 15th century, taught by generational masters and working deep facial muscles, fascinated me beyond measure.

Driven by curiosity, I set off to unravel the mystique behind Ko-bi-do. This led me to Florence Laval, Master Facialist, and her comprehensive training program at THE FACELIFT HOLISTIC EXPERIENCE® ACADEMY. With five modules, 80 hours of theory, and countless hours of practice, I can proudly say that I am now a certified facialist.

Studying the intricacies of the face seemed like a logical step to deepen my understanding of the human body. After all, the face houses over 40 muscles! It is a part of the body!

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health.” By delving into the world of Ko-bi-do and mastering the art of facial rejuvenation, I’ve not only expanded my expertise but also embraced a holistic approach to health and well-being. The journey has been enriching, and I’m excited to share the benefits of Ko-bi-do with others, helping them discover the harmony of beauty and wellness.

Please get in contact to book your body or face therapy session at Aspire studio in The Hague.

Lucy Bosscher