ASPIRE Pilates Client Reviews

I have just completed my 13th intense session with Lucy. It is making such a difference to my life. She is rebuilding me muscle by muscle and my posture has improved, my aches and pains are disappearing and I am becoming more flexible. I just wish I started pilates years ago. I highly recommend Aspire Pilates studio in The Hague!

-Judith McCuaig

So much more than a physical workout. Lucy’s work is transformational on all levels inner and outer. She uses her sharp intuition to inform and lead each session from your core outwards. Highly recommend Aspire Pilates studio in The Hague.

-Vanessa Jane Smith

I started Pilates in 2014 at the suggestion of my doctor who examined me at the time for the purpose of issuing a medical certificate for competitive cycling. I have a history of lower back problems and the doctor suggested that Pilates would be a good way to reduce the risk of further lower back issues. When I started Pilates I had good strength in my legs and cardio-vascular system but that was about it. Now I have much better all-round strength and especially noticeable are the core muscles that form a more protective ‘corset’ to support my lower back. My balance and flexibility have also improved substantially. Pilates has become a very important part of my fitness regime.

-Graham Nikolson

Pilates with Lucy Bosscher has changed my life! Breathing Pilates helped me learn how to breathe! I am a former smoker and had a problem taking in enough oxygen to exercise properly. I can now jog distances and feel confident and relaxed enough to enjoy exercising because all of my organs are getting sufficient oxygen. Lucy created a custom Pilates program to target my physical inefficiencies. Suffering with muscle stiffness and weakness for over two years inhibited me functioning to my best abilities. After fourteen sessions, I have the flexibility and strength to perform movements and carry weight like before my injury!

-Monesa Cook

I had never tried Pilates before I started taking classes from Lucy. She is a great observer with her eye always on the small details. Lucy ensured I was completing the exercises with good form and without straining. With her guidance, I was able to learn the core exercises, build my strength and improve my flexibility. My Pilates classes with Lucy also helped to eliminate many aches and pains in my back and joints. Lucy is such a caring instructor. She was very supportive throughout the learning process, and she always pushed me to do my absolute best!

-Mindy Carlson

When I first met Lucy in December 2014, the relationship I had with my body (and mind) was a negative one. I was struggling to find ways to get back to myself and regain trust in the body that had let me down. Lucy welcomed me. She saw the potential, but also saw the struggles. Now, I move more, I move better and have been able to get back to cycling, running and other forms of exercise I hadn’t been able to do for a long time. Pilates is one of the best presents I could have given myself! The sessions at ASPIRE Pilates studio in The Hague have brought me focus, coordination, strength and confidence.

-Marije Veenstra

I have taken Pilates lessons on three different continents and Lucy (Bosscher of Aspire Pilates) is easily of the most thorough, detail-oriented and creative instructor I have trained with. Personal training sessions can vary widely in quality and impact, even if the trainer is highly skilled and experienced. Being a polygot and having lived around the world, Lucy is comfortable with and intersted in people from differnt backgrounds, ages and professions. This makes her a personable, intuitive and flexible teacher who can adapt to the personal goals and motivations of her clients. My sessions with Lucy have helped me develop a sense of body awareness that has translated into the way I move and function in everyday life. Thanks to Lucy, I stand stronger, firmer and taller today – and in the Netherlands, every inch helps!

-American ASPIRE Client

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